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Thanks so much for visiting the site. On this page we’ll be posting links to interviews, news, and stories related to JESUS CHANGED EVERYTHING.

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Please join us in asking the Lord to bless the book’s effectiveness. If He puts it on your heart to help get the word out, we’d appreciate it! Here are some ideas:

  • Pray!
  • Buy a copies for your unsaved family and friends. (Hint: Contact us for bulk discounts of 10 or more!)
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News & Affirmation for JCE

11/26 – Amy interviews Anthony on Grace and Peace Radio

12/2 – Read Anthony’s Author interview on Smashwords here

12/3 – Listen to Nathan Whittaker interview Anthony about JCE on the 16:18 Podcast.

…deeply saturated with the Gospel and easily accessible for everyone – regardless of your background or religious affiliation.

Nathan Whittaker, Missionary/Pastor and host of the 16:18 Podcast

12/6 – Anthony interviewed on the Quest for Truth podcast here.

[Jesus Changed Everything] is almost the next best thing to you being able to sit down and talk with someone one on one…but it’s not focused on you; it’s focused on Jesus.

Nathan Caldwell, co-host of the Quest for Truth podcast

Also, a big thanks to Daniel Mynyk for his gracious interview about JCE on his podcast, Truthspresso here.

[Jesus Changed Everything] shows a very intimate and genuine understanding of a close relationship the Jesus Christ, the importance of the gospel, [and] the need for people to understand the gospel.

Daniel Mynyk, host of the Truthspresso podcast